Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Topic: Fast Food Joints

  1. What is your favourite fast food place?
  2. Where was the last place you got fast food from?
  3. What is by far the worst place to get fast food from in your opinion?


ShannonW said...

My responses are up:


My favorite fast food place is Sonic and I also enjoy going to Taco Bell. Sonic has delicious Breakfast Burritos and I love their Smoothies.

The last place I purchased fast food from was Burger King this morning. I have been riding to work each day with Steve and he likes to have breakfast every morning. Since we don't have time to eat at home, he stops at Burger King on the way to my office.

In my opinion, one of the the worst place to get fast food is McDonald's. As a kid I loved seeing the "Golden Arches" and I was always begging my parents to stop there. But as I have gotten older I have found that I like McDonald's less and less. I do break down and go there once and awhile for a McRib.

Anonymous said...

First time to join! Mine's up!

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Butchay said...

hello there, my first time to join this meme, mine is up and running!!! happy tuesday to all

Christine Duff said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello -- I am new and this is a fun little meme! I just did the last few weeks for fun.

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Wani said...

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